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Birding Report Waigeo Island

12 September 2017 5.321x Uncategorized

Birding Report 2017 Birding Waigeo Island – Raja Ampat West Papua Indonesia How to Get There Waigeo Island of Raja Ampat, West Papua is located in remote island that can be reach by sea and air. From/To Jakarta (CGK) –... read more

Diving & Snorkeling

9 September 2017 2.208x Diving dan Snrokeling

The oceanic natural resources around Raja Ampat give it significant potential as a tourism area. Raja Ampat is one of top ten most popular places for diving whilst it retains the number one ranking in terms of underwater biodiversity. According... read more

Bird Watching

9 September 2017 2.296x raja ampat

Raja Ampat has Two species of birds of paradise (Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson’s Bird of Paradise) and many others species of therestrial wildlife. The two endemic birds of paradise of Raja Ampat are found in Wiageo and Batanta... read more

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