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Raja Ampat has Two species of birds of paradise (Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson’s Bird of Paradise) and many others species of therestrial wildlife. The two endemic birds of paradise of Raja Ampat are found in Wiageo and Batanta Islands.

There are bird of paradise In Misool – Lesser bird of paradise and King bird of paradise. The spots of bird of paradise protected/managed by locals that living in the village where the bird spots occurrence.

Raja Ampat Ecotour in affiliate with Raja Ampat Ecolodge  team is oraginizing birds watching tour/wildlife photo hunting in the area of Misool and surounding islands. This is part of tourism activities in Raja Ampat for those who love nature and wildlife

Birding in 2017

October 2017 – Birding Waigeo Island and Surrounding (5D4N): Full

November 2017 – Birding in Waigeo Island and Surrounding (7D6N): Seats available – 8 pax maximum. Birding sites: Waigeo and Dampier Strait – Raja Ampat West Papua.

December 2017 (10 – 21 December) 12D11N – Birding in Waigeo and Misool Raja Ampat.

Bird Guides: Maurits Kafiar – Knowledgeable Local Guide and Edhi Yansyah – The author of “Photographic Guide to The Birds of Raja Ampat”

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