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Islands Hopping is one of our tour in Raja Ampat. There are tourism destinations in Raja Ampat e.g. Wayag, Piaynemo, Kabul bay/Hidden bay, Tourism Villages, Mayalibit bay, Batanta/Dampir Strait, Salawati and Misool Island.

During island hopping trip, you can also do snorkelling and interact with local people of Raja Ampat.


Period of stay:

a. To Visit Piaynemo at least but not last is about 3D2N

b. To visit Wayag at least but not last is about 4D3N

c. To visit Piaynemo and Wayag in one trip is about 5D4N

d. To Visit Misool is about 5D4N or 6D5N - please bear in mind that at the moment, the schedule of Fast Public Ferry is on Monday - Wednesday - Friday from Sorong/Waisai. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from Misool to Sorong.

The period of stay is depending on the destination activities you are going to do during your trip. Please contact us for further information and itinerary.

Raja Ampat is organise private tour that means no open trip available at the moment. You should plan you trip or deal with other member of group if any in advance.

The booking should be done at least one month before departure to ensure the availability of accommodation. The tour trip is start/end Sorong or Waisai. The cost of your trip is exclude air ticket from/to your home based to Sorong (SOQ) but we will handling you from air port to airport of Sorong (SOQ).

Please contact us at for any queries regarding your trip.

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